A Practical Guide to their Design and Operation 

Roger Newnham, C. Eng, FIMech E., Eur. Ing. 
"Direct-Fired Heaters is an extremely comprehensive volume covering everything from Acronyms to Zink Coatings. This is not surprising, since Roger Newnham is one of the most well-rounded experts in the field. This book will provide valuable guidance to new as well as experienced owners and operators of fired heaters."

Edward Shepherd
Chevron fired heater expert
Chairman, Task Force on ISO 13705/API 560 Fired Heaters for General Refinery Service

"I've been waiting a long time for this 'whole package' book about fired heaters. The content, structure, and style are dedicated to easy understanding of the design, operation, and maintenance of a fired heater. The author is an expert and the creator of the fired heater for the petroleum industry. I highly recommend it for workers engaged with the fired heater. It is a must-have for refineries."

Wiko Taviarto
Plant Reliability Section Head, Pertamina, Indonesia

Direct Fired Heaters is without a doubt, a highly essential introduction to novice operators and Engineers, working directly with Fired Heaters. It is an invaluable resource for experienced Plant Operators, Engineers and Project Managers, either working directly or indirectly on Fired Hetaers. It is very well written in an accessible style, includes many detailed examples, well supported by relevant, bright, colourful pictures and photographs. The benefit of applying the knowledge acquired from reading this book with dedication, will definitely be reflected in the Operational  Excellence of the Facility. 

Murugan Srinivasan
 P.Eng (Alberta), PMPP.Eng, BScChemical Engineering