A Practical Guide to their Design and Operation 

Roger Newnham, C. Eng, FIMech E., Eur. Ing. 
Direct-Fired Heaters: Operator Training Manual

This manual has been developed as the basis to a training course for fired heater operators. Designed around twelve, easy-to-learn sessions, it focuses on the practical aspects of direct-fired heaters by defining what they do and explaining the engineering considerations behind their design. It describes how you as an operator can interface with and control a heater, and how to operate it both safely and properly by using the controls and safety systems that are standard in today's heaters. The manual offers guidance for ongoing inspections and maintenance as well as tips for recognizing problems should the need arise. At the end of the course, the manual serves as an ongoing reference.

FHB 3 
Direct-Fired Heaters: Improving Efficiency and Capacity While Reducing Emissions

This book outlines various methods of improving efficiency and lowering emissions. Variations between heater-operating conditions present a challenge to making improvements as no particular solution suits all heaters. However, a combination of operator training, reduction of input energy, reduction of stack flue gas temperature, and reduction of heat loss can lead to improved efficiency and reduced emissions. Choosing the optimal set of solutions is a task to be evaluated by professional engineers. Subsequent economic feasibility studies should be carried out to justify the cost-benefit of a selected upgrade.

This book will lead the engineer through these options to improve the plant's operations.

Direct-Fired Heaters: Spanish Edition - Operator Training Manual