A Practical Guide to their Design and Operation

Roger Newnham

C. Eng., F.I.Mech. E., Eur. Ing. 


About The Author

Roger Newnham has gained over 45 years of experience working in the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

Beginning his career in 1973 with Born Heaters Ltd. in Brighton, England, Roger furthered his education by graduating as a mechanical engineer from Brighton University. He then advanced with Born Heaters Ltd. to become a project engineer and manager, working on direct-fired heater process design, engineering, construction planning, costing, and installation.

In 1980, Roger emigrated to Canada and worked with several large oil and gas engineering, procurement, and construction companies. As a senior manager with these companies, he had overall responsibility for the design, engineering, fabrication, and construction of heaters on a wide range of projects both in Canada and abroad, including New Zealand’s first onshore oil production facility.

In 1987, Roger realized that he wanted to establish his own company. In January 1988 he formed Born Heaters Canada with Harold Born. As President of Born Heaters Canada, Roger directed his company to develop specific expertise in burner management systems in order to provide clients with design, engineering, and other services related to refractory installation, burner revamps, and the installation and maintenance of direct-fired heaters, including burner management systems.

As a result, Roger has worked extensively in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia on numerous direct-fired heater applications, with the result that Born Heaters Canada has now completed in excess of 300 heater projects for clients worldwide.

Roger is a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (UK) and a Member of Fédération Européenne d'Associations Nationales d'Ingénieurs (FEANI). He makes his home in Okotoks, Alberta Canada.