A Practical Guide to their Design and Operation

Book 3: Improving Efficiency and Capacity While Reducing Emissions

Based on six easy-to-read and review sections, this book focuses on the practical aspects of improving existing heater designs.

It explains how you, as a decision maker, can both define the changes that your heaters require in order to accrue cost savings and reduce their carbon footprints. It also interfaces with heater designers. Furthermore, in this book are ten working examples of heater modifications that the reader may feel beneficial in their existing refinery. 

As an added benefit, you will discover that the book will continue to serve as a valuable ongoing reference long after your first read. To gain the maximum advantage that it offers, it is important that you first familiarize yourself with the content of Direct-Fired Heaters: A Practical Guide to their Design and Operations, the first title in the Direct-Fired Heater series

 Book is available to purchase at the cost of $150 USD plus shipping