A Practical Guide to their Design and Operation

Roger Newnham

C. Eng., F.I.Mech. E., Eur. Ing. 


Book 2: Operator Training Manual

This manual focuses on the practical aspects of direct-fired heaters by defining what they do and by explaining the operational considerations behind their design. 

This book explains how you as an operator can interface with and control the heater. It will teach you how to operate both safely and properly with the help of these controls and the safety systems that are part of today's heaters.

This book will help guide you for ongoing inspection and maintenance and it will help with the recognition of problems and troubleshooting should the need arise. Question and answer modules at the end of each chapter allow participants to test themselves and evaluate what they have learned.  At course end, the manual is designed to serve as an ongoing reference.

 Book is available to purchase at the cost of $150 USD plus shipping 

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